Recycling, Re-use and Sustainability

In the last twenty years BCL Services has established a reputation for excellence for waste recycling and sustainability within the NHS, DVLA and many other commercial organisations.

We have consistently delivered projects without making a significant impact on the environment, making a positive contribution to the local communities we work in and making sure waste and carbon emissions are as low as possible. Where hospitals have been completely shut down and the site is cleared for sale, we work closely with the NHS trust to preserve and protect the environment, helping them achieve their sustainability targets.

Recycling is central to any waste management policy and integrated across all operations. Using our knowledge and expertise, we help clients meet their waste reduction targets. Through our innovative waste management systems and technology, we have successfully recycled more than 75% of the items and reused more than 17%, therefore significantly reducing the amount of waste going to landfill. Our aim is to reduce the amount of waste that goes to landfill to 0%, seeking to develop more sustainable ways of disposing of unsellable furniture and recycling as much material as possible.

Our Approach

Recycling: Where items are to be recycled, we strip them down to component parts (wood, metal, cables, textiles) for appropriate recycling, reducing disposal costs.

Resale/Reuse: Working closely with the client, we can facilitate the sale of old furniture or make donations to local charities for community benefit.

Mobile Waste Reduction Unit: Using our fully mobile, self-contained, low noise waste reduction unit we can process non-reusable materials, reducing the volume by 80%, maximizing skip efficiency and minimizing transportation costs.

Efficiency: Skips are filled to maximum levels, to reduce skip movements and maximise volume per skip, reducing skip/disposal costs and reducing the environmental impact of journeys to and from site.

Shredding: We shred and bale on site, all discarded paper and cardboard found during the project. Shredding is to DIN3 level. The shredded material is then used for animal bedding, reducing the risk of confidential material being misplaced, and also reducing material sent for recycling, further reducing skip costs.

Environmental (ISO 14001): We are certified to ISO 14001, the International Environmental Management System Standard. This enables us to manage our environmental impact as a business, track causes of environmental impacts, understanding the objectives and targets, monitoring, operational procedures, training, and awareness. Together with an internal and external audit process, we ensure that we reach the level of environmental performance we set out to achieve.

Our Advanced Waste Management initiatives also enable us to provide highly sustainable service to organisations and help NHS trusts achieve their recycling and sustainability targets.

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  • Dry mixed office recycling: Dry recyclables include white and coloured paper, magazines, newspaper, books, cardboard and files.
  • Bulky office waste: Bulky waste includes old workstations, desks and pedestals, office chairs, old carpets and other big items that don’t go into commercial bins.
  • Waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE): WEEE waste includes desktops, laptops, phone systems, photocopiers and fax machines.
  • Confidential waste: Confidential waste can include secure shredding of paper files and secure destruction of electronic storage media.
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